Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thought for the day (month, year, lifetime)...

"The trick is to ENJOY life. 
Don't wish away your days WAITING for better ones ahead."
 -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Friday, July 15, 2011

favorite with a twist

I've had this on my "to buy" list for a while...a "keep calm" poster.

 image from here

I know, I know, they're everywhere
 but I'm an Anglophile at heart so I don't really care 
that some people may consider it overdone.

Today I found a new twist on the subject:

from Paper Source it! 
The best part is the price.....$3.95!

Now I know what you're thinking - $3.95! 
Too good to be true? 
Well - it is a sheet of wrapping paper after all but its big (19 1/2" x 27 1/2") 
and its easily frame-able (is that even a word?).

I've done a similar thing with this other Cavallini wrapping paper 

from Paper Source

and this calendar of vintage maps

Paper Source ~ Cavallini wall calendar

which is a complete steal at $22 for 12 pictures!
You just matte and frame them and


instant gallery wall!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

High vs My

It all started when I was pregnant with twins.
I was on bed rest for months and the only way to shop
for the impending arrivals was to shop via the Internet.
I spent ALL DAY most days laying in bed
on the good ol' net searching
for two or more of everything
we thought we'd need for the babies.

Now anybody who knows my DH
KNOWS he loves a budget and saving money.
 I, on the other hand, love to spend money 
BUT I also like to save money where I can
so it became a game for me...
how can I get the best deal on something I love
with the thought in the back of my mind
to spend the difference on something else I love too.
 Its a game I still play to this day...
call it "high vs my" if you will. 
SSHHHH!!! please don't tell hubby.
Why do you think this blog is secret?

Among the things we've changed in our new house is the lighting.
Since we have three little boys
who LOVE to run around (and into) things
we don't have any floor lamps in the house.
We used to but when the twins were little
they'd love to grab onto them and move them and shake them.
You get the picture.
So now we use overhead lights downstairs when we need light.
When we moved to this house
there were ceiling fans in the family room and master bedroom.
Key word being "were". 
We needed more light and neither one of us really like ceiling fans.
Some people do, we just don't.
To each their own right?

In searching for a replacement light for the fan in our family room
I fell in love with this light.
The best part of it was the price...take a guess...

Try less than $150 bucks with my coupon discount code from
Plus ROCKS with its $2.95 shipping cost on anything.
You can't beat that with a stick!

Now a few months after this was installed 
I was searching online for a new light for our dining room.
Well lookey here:

 Rustic Iron Round Chandelier - 9 Lt.

What's this?
The same light? But for how much?
Try $871! Plus tax!
Plus shipping of over $90! SCORE!!!!!!! 
Call me a fan...I love me some

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it takes time...and money...the story of the master bath

This post is in honor of my first (and only) follower beloved sister Mary...
who requested that I go room by room in my house
to show the work we've put into it.

Remember when house flipping was all the rage a few years ago,
tv reno shows out the wazoo?
Well, I like to say we do five year flips
because we redid everything in our old house
and just about the time we were "done" five years later
{with a set of twins and plus one on the way before we knew it}
  we sold it on a whim but that's a whole different story. 
We moved into this house nearly four years ago
 and have basically worked on every room little by little.
Some took longer than others hence the story of the master bath...

Let me set the stage.
 Striped wallpaper with a border at the top a la the 1990's, 
brass fixtures galore including faucets from Ali Baba's palace,
and green slate tile floors with a crazy dingy ivory border all around,
a plastic shower stall with a brass trimmed enclosure.
Oh and a hotel hair dryer on the wall.
Take a look at the before:

those are maternity dresses hanging case you were wondering.

Now it could have been worse but I had a vision.
We didn't want to move anything just improve on what we had.
I dreamt of an overhead rain shower
but that'll have to wait for another day and another house.
Overall I just wanted to tone down the brass
(ie get rid of it) and update the shower and floors.

Now there's a long back story with this bathroom as to the "contractor"
(and I use that term very loosely)
 that we used to do the job but I'll try to remember what I try to teach my kids-
and since I don't have anything nice to say about the "contractor"
then I'll keep it to myself
(which is hard because there's also a saying in the south
"if you don't have anything nice to say come sit by ME.").

In sum it was a major cluster BUT in the end the work got done
albeit not with the tile I wanted because
the "contractor" didn't order what I wanted when I first told him what I wanted 
and by the time he figured out that the material required special ordering
they had already ripped up all the bathroom floors
(we did the floors of the secondary baths at the same time).

I say all this just to note that I have a problem with perfectionism
and sometimes I look at pictures and see the things I could have done better.
We all have our issues I guess.

We bought oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls from Lowes
and ordered the faucets and hardware from
Here's the Delta faucet we used:
Delta 3555LF-216

They were cheaper than Lowes
plus I had a coupon discount code plus free shipping.
Can't beat that with a stick.

We also bought a new Kohler toilet from Lowes...
we figured since the floor was ripped up anyway we may as well go for broke.

"Bluebonnet" painting by twin A age 2

For the shower enclosure we used a great local company.
I would highly recommend them.

Long story short in pictures our master went from this

to this temporary yellow color

that the hubs disliked so we repainted
with SW Universal Khaki, a color we used in our old house and loved.
art by twin B, age 3

art by twin B, age 2

Although no decor in my house
should ever be considered final (sorry hubby)
I'm happy with all the updates

Sunday, July 10, 2011

scratch one off the list

We finally crossed a major "to-do" off our list.
We updated the builder basic mirrors in every bathroom.
In our first house (an old 1940's remodel)
I used trim from home depot
to improve a huge mirror in the master bath.
While it was an improvement for sure
I'm no master carpenter so this time I left it to the pros.
There are two companies I know of that do this kind of thing.
One's national, the other local.
 I could have done it myself and for less money
but in the end my DH just wanted it over and done with -
so we went with the faster option (the local company).

In the two secondary baths
we went with an espresso colored frame.
The other choice had a silvery matte finish
that i thought would tie in the nickel bath fixtures
but in the end
 (and after consulting holly)
I went with my gut and chose the more masculine one
since boys rule in our abode.

twins bath before:

 twins bath after:

single sink bath before:

and after:

When I asked my DH to make a choice for the master bath
he summed it up with "go big or go home"
so we went with the widest frame available...

  more before and afters...

Much better in my humble opinion ;)

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