Thursday, July 14, 2011

High vs My

It all started when I was pregnant with twins.
I was on bed rest for months and the only way to shop
for the impending arrivals was to shop via the Internet.
I spent ALL DAY most days laying in bed
on the good ol' net searching
for two or more of everything
we thought we'd need for the babies.

Now anybody who knows my DH
KNOWS he loves a budget and saving money.
 I, on the other hand, love to spend money 
BUT I also like to save money where I can
so it became a game for me...
how can I get the best deal on something I love
with the thought in the back of my mind
to spend the difference on something else I love too.
 Its a game I still play to this day...
call it "high vs my" if you will. 
SSHHHH!!! please don't tell hubby.
Why do you think this blog is secret?

Among the things we've changed in our new house is the lighting.
Since we have three little boys
who LOVE to run around (and into) things
we don't have any floor lamps in the house.
We used to but when the twins were little
they'd love to grab onto them and move them and shake them.
You get the picture.
So now we use overhead lights downstairs when we need light.
When we moved to this house
there were ceiling fans in the family room and master bedroom.
Key word being "were". 
We needed more light and neither one of us really like ceiling fans.
Some people do, we just don't.
To each their own right?

In searching for a replacement light for the fan in our family room
I fell in love with this light.
The best part of it was the price...take a guess...

Try less than $150 bucks with my coupon discount code from
Plus ROCKS with its $2.95 shipping cost on anything.
You can't beat that with a stick!

Now a few months after this was installed 
I was searching online for a new light for our dining room.
Well lookey here:

 Rustic Iron Round Chandelier - 9 Lt.

What's this?
The same light? But for how much?
Try $871! Plus tax!
Plus shipping of over $90! SCORE!!!!!!! 
Call me a fan...I love me some

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  1. Rockin! I am going to resist the urge to go to right now to look for a new light for the dining room. One room at a time and that's the family room. Focus Mae!


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