Friday, September 30, 2011

what I want

My boys are always asking for things. You know the drill. "I need this <insert the name of the latest toy>" or "I need that." Add a whiny voice and you get the picture. I try hard to tell them that I give them what they need not always what they want. I need to remember this myself.

I have a folder on my computer titled "ME." Just a little folder where I put links of things I want to buy but aren't necessarily in the budget at said time.

This doesnt cost much but never seems to make it to the top of the list. Just a little pretty to make scheduling and keeping up with committments a little easier to follow (just like everything tastes better with butter, I find it easier to keep up with pretty things).


I'm sure there are prettier but I like that its a spiral (easier for me to write in).

Now if only I could find an orange leather pocketbook.

one day...

I'd like to have a vegetable garden. I know, I know, who's got the time. But I think with the way the world is headed its probably a good idea. I'm not a survivalist but would like to be prepared. Put it on my to-do list:

Thursday, September 29, 2011


saw this in the WSJ a few weeks back...reminds me of our three year old


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

gotta love google

I've had "paint the boys' table" on my to-do list for a long time now. Try two years. We got it at PBK (I know, I'm an addict) and after 5 years and three boys banging on it, well, let's just say it needs to be refreshed.

Our twins started playing chess about a year ago. Yes, I know, they're nerds but with DH and myself as their parents who can blame them. Anyhow I've had an idea of how I wanted to paint it and  today I finally remembered to google it. (Turns out I have "goggleheimers" - a definition I just read about the other day, of course I cant remember where, that says its when you want to google something but forget what it is by the time you get to the computer... happens to me all the freakin' time). The first time I got nothing good but then I added the phrase "blogspot" to my wording and sure enough...jackpot!

time to play

Here's a little tutorial.

Now to just figure out the colors I want to use.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

breadless pizza?

just saw this:

Grilled Zucchini Pizza Slices

Now just to figure out how to convince my kids its not healthy...oh and my husband who doesn't eat anything green.

Also saw this recently:

Monday, September 26, 2011

put this on my list...

eating better has been on my list for a while. honestly i try. I really really do. But I'm a girl who loves to eat. I crave sugar, specifically chocolate, every day around 3 o'clock. I've never met a chip (especially one with salsa on top) that I don't like. Let's face it, I run to eat.

Anyway I've been tempted to buy books on the subject, the paleo diet, the clean diet. But I'm not  a girl who likes the word diet. Its gotta be a lifestyle. I'm just not totally there yet. But I did read this post recently from a blog I stumbled onto and saved it so its definitely on my mind:

There's a girl in my bootcamp that is as skinny as a bird. I asked what she eats and basically it comes down to no rice, no bread, basically nothing that I usually eat every day at dinner time. YAY! Not!

I've decided I will try to watch my bread intake at dinner. I basically think of Kim when I want to eat it and try to say no. Come on willpower. Where are you when I need you?

On a positive note I did do my 5am bootcamp, got everybody to school, then took a pilates class with a friend that we bought on groupon a few months ago. Baby steps.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

favorite things

Amongst the 
latest and greatest...

first found this candle in NO at the Ritz when we went last year to celebrate my 40th (otherwise known as the site of our first date and where we were first our first weekend post having the twins...the same weekend that Katrina hit NO, yes the hurricane, how lucky are we?).

Anybody who knows me KNOWS that I'm addicted to lip balm.
This is the best balm EVER:

An oasis for your lips.

This stuff makes you want to clean your kitchen...


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what do you do all day?

That's the name of a book that's been on my list to read. 
For years now. 
Who's got time to read when you have kids? 
But that's a whole other story.

Finally the boys started school. 
Even the little guy is in MDO a few days a week 
so I have a few hours to madly dash around town, 
running errands without having to lock and load 
three little ones in car seats and distract them with bribes 
and food items just to make it through stores without fits and blow-ups. 
A big fat wa wa wa. 
I'm blessed I know 
but I've never worked harder than as a SAHM. 
Not even when I was surrounded by dangerous chemicals and reactors all day long. 

Between cooking, cleaning, laundry, and raising babies 
this is what I've been up to...
finally excited to say that ZB's room is done (for now anyway)!

Make euro bed pillow...check

Now I realize the room would look better
with a different furniture layout
but this works for us...
one less way for him to roll out of bed
with it pushed up against the wall :)
Speaking of walls...
Art work ...check (one more wall to go though)

art via here

and the Pièce de résistance....

Found this baby at a thrift shop...story and before pics to come.

You know you've done good when you hear noises in your little one's room 
and walk in to find him with his face right up against the dresser, 
playing with the drawer pulls and then giving a kiss to the drawer front. 
I said "zb, what ARE you doing?" 
and he goes "Mama, I just love my new dresser." 
And yes he knows the word "dresser" b
ecause I've been working on this piece for a whole month so he's heard me say
 "I'll be outside working on the dresser" only about a million times.

Lastly, a little preview of a piece of art 
I've been working on for the dining room...

Not sure about adding nailhead trim to the outside 
or adding a border of some sort around the words.
 I saw this prayer in a CL magazine years ago 
and have carried the paper around with me since.
I love it that much :)

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