Monday, September 26, 2011

put this on my list...

eating better has been on my list for a while. honestly i try. I really really do. But I'm a girl who loves to eat. I crave sugar, specifically chocolate, every day around 3 o'clock. I've never met a chip (especially one with salsa on top) that I don't like. Let's face it, I run to eat.

Anyway I've been tempted to buy books on the subject, the paleo diet, the clean diet. But I'm not  a girl who likes the word diet. Its gotta be a lifestyle. I'm just not totally there yet. But I did read this post recently from a blog I stumbled onto and saved it so its definitely on my mind:

There's a girl in my bootcamp that is as skinny as a bird. I asked what she eats and basically it comes down to no rice, no bread, basically nothing that I usually eat every day at dinner time. YAY! Not!

I've decided I will try to watch my bread intake at dinner. I basically think of Kim when I want to eat it and try to say no. Come on willpower. Where are you when I need you?

On a positive note I did do my 5am bootcamp, got everybody to school, then took a pilates class with a friend that we bought on groupon a few months ago. Baby steps.

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