Sunday, October 30, 2011

somebody stop the madness please

by telling me which bedding looks best...
I've been through too many...
my DH wants a decision.
The problem is that when I think I've made a decision
 he'll make a comment and it will make me second guess my choice.
Maybe that's just a girl thing?

So far I've returned the blue matine to PB
and the long white coverlet to Horchow...
I LOVED it but DH said it was too drapey
(man translation...too long, too girly, too much).
I wanted to keep it and had it not been dry clean only
 I would have...even though DH didn't like it. 
So I went and bought the hadley ruched duvet cover from PB.
Thankfully their store is five minutes away.
They recognize me when I walk in.
Just like on Cheers.
Where everybody knows your name.
Its that bad.

Here's the hadley...

note in the picture above the brown matine shams
and the picture below all pillows are white. 

so the question is
1) do you like the ruched bedding
2) what about the ruffled euro shams
(they're part of the horchow bedding
but I like the ruffles
and was thinking about returning only the long bedspread.

here's just a reminder of the other choices:


Now I want to cry and its really all very silly I know.
I returned the hadley duvet to PB
and DH was actually able to come with me since his mom is staying with us.
I was looking to buy a white quilt,
maybe the pickstitch but it felt rough.
Then he saw the silk Amelia quilt.
He reminded me how much he liked the blue matine toile
 that I already returned
(shipping paid both ways.
since they dont carry it in store.
ouch, that shipping hurt!)
 I kind of felt guilted into buying the blue amelia..
look at it here.
I want our bedroom to be a refuge from our little boys
but now I just want to cry whenever I go in there.
I want to be done with it but something is just not right.
I dont know if its just the bedding
or that and the lamps
and the dark painting above the frame.
 Its all just so BROWN (which I love truly I do but ugghh).

Friday, October 28, 2011

j crew wish list

i love the styling of j crew...just dont love the pricing.

Perfect shirt in leopard

Perfect-fit colorblock tee
Featherknit cowlneck tee
Valentina printed patent pumps
Pia calf hair pumps
Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel
Double-cloth symphony coat
SIGH! hope these go on sale soon...
although I do have a 20% off coupon code: CNOK3ZF72 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

another one bites the dust

ok, out with the hotel duvet from PB (the insert was always bunching and twisting, not good for someone with OCD), bye bye to the matine. this one is from the horchow sale...

do you think this will work? i know it needs to be ironed...this is right out of the box. I also bought ruffled euro hams but need to buy the inserts... wasn't sure about the old duvet cover on the end of the bed but left it in the shot.

and lastly I took apart an old cheap monet poster I've been lugging around for a decade or more and put the frame around this monogram...a la Holly Mathis.

Friday, October 7, 2011

how about this instead?

so if not this (with the new matine quilt and euro shams in porcelain blue) then how about switching out the painting (too much brown going on for me) to one in a gold frame

and then change the lamps (my husband is going to kill me)...

like the name of these...peacock dad's hometown in rural georgia has a peacock festival every year...who knew?

holly - remember when you suggested these and they were on backorder so i got the ones above from target? love the seagrass.

lighter blue gourd lamps...

chunckier (more manly?) lamps?

One thing I hate about myself is that I have a hard time making decisions (I am a Libra after all).

Monday, October 3, 2011

one list, five meals

Found this on (there's a similar thing I used to subscribe to called but this is free and you can't beat that with a stick:

1 List, 5 Meals

With five delicious, super-fast dinners each week, you can toss the take-out menus for good and put great meals on the table with ease.

Hit the supermarket armed with this shopping list and get five delicious dinners on the table in no time.

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