Monday, November 14, 2011

a big one done

How long does it take to decide on paint colors
for the downstairs living areas
that we use on a daily basis?
Uh, apparently three and a half years.
 Sweet relief at last...
gone is the builder-chosen
"manchester tan"
color that was everywhere.
 Say hello to "SW Celery" in the kitchen...
it makes the granite look better
(and boy was that a hard job to do)
since there's a lot of green undertones to it.
I like the way it works with the other green accents
I already have in there like the curtains
and the "I can not do it all" print from JDC...


The kitchen opens up to the breakfast and family area...
two places we hang out in basically during waking hours.
I LOVE the new color in here...
very warm and now that I think about it
it's the exact color that I like my coffee to be...
could that be why I like it so much?
Its SW Ecru.

Look at the way it pops against the hip chocolate floral fabric.

The back of the bookshelves is one shade darker than SW Celery...
Its called "Shagreen" by SW.


Still playing with the furniture placement.
 I think the PB sleeper sofa is on its way out via craigslist...
another design dilemma to debate.

And look what we did in the old bar area...
now our "command central" of sorts...
its also painted in the SW Shagreen color
although it looks different
at different times of the day
since there's a window of glass blocks in there.

 I'm going to do a before and after shot one day of this
but look at this redo...
this used to have an empty frame in here that the builder did.
I always wonder what he was thinking when he left it empty...
well we added a chunkier frame and cork board
and viola!
and now for the entry hall...
the color is SW Topsail...
makes me wish I'd painted our bedroom blue
but I digress...
kind of looks like the same color as the dining room ceiling
 but its not...
the DR ceiling is SW Beach Glass.
I still have to move some furniture back in,
hang a mirror or two and pictures
(gotta figure them out first),

oh and paint my "shoe" sign a different color other than red
but I like how fresh it looks (that's the OCD in me)
I think it really pulls the blue from the office
and the blue ceiling in the dining room and makes it all flow.
Most importantly DH likes it so I love it.

oh, and the bedding dilemma CONTINUES...can you believe?
Holy toledo batman.
I think DH is going to kill me...
I bought the PB pickstitch quilt in white...
think I need to see if a third euro sham will fit.
Stay tuned.

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