Thursday, December 29, 2011


Made my list and I'm checking it twice...checking it off that is. I feel like I'm finally finally getting things DONE around here and man it feels great. Here's the table that the boys have eaten at since the twins were 2...

I still have to paint the chairs but at least we're on our way. My DH took the boys to the park one afternoon so that I could finish painting the chess board on top (still have detail work to do). They came home just as I was finishing and one of the twins (the one who is less apt to give compliments) said "Oh Mom, its the most beautiful thing ever! Thank you so much for doing this." Stuff like that makes my heart GROOOWWWW. Its the little things people. And yes they play chess. What can I say, they're nerds like their parents.

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  1. Love it! What's wrong with chess? We've been playing since we were little!


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