Friday, January 6, 2012

change of direction

My DH gave the go-ahead to the contractor to build the bench in the breakfast area so over the weekend he helped me put the extra leaf in the table. Our round table became oval...


We took the tape measure
thinking we would tape out the shape of the bench that we wanted
but something just didn't feel right.
Then the new pottery barn catalog came on Saturday
and I saw a picture of two storage benches used as kitchen seating.
DH said why not order those?
But the dealer in me said "I'm not paying for shipping" so what's a girl to do? baby!

Now its not perfect but I saw this bench:

Wendell Mahogany Bench

Its 39 inches wide and will fit perfectly on one side of the table...
my thought is for two kids (the two messiest) t
o share the bench but I bet all three will try to squeeze in.
Here's the best part...its only $139 AND I just got a 7% discount code and free shipping
(hey, I'll take anything I can get).
So the question is do I buy this bench that is not exactly what I had in mind
or do I spend 11 times the amount and have the bench built?
Um, yeah, I think I'm saving my money and going for the bench.

Wait! It gets better...

So I start a search for outdoor cushions
because more times than not they're made of a sunbrella type fabric.
I figure if the bench is too hard
 (especially when my parents visit) then I can whip out some cushions.
Look at what I found on
The same p kaufmann material on the other chairs.
They carry a bench cushion but its too long for this particular bench.
These cushions are 19 inches wide so two of them together will be perfect on the bench (I think anyway). They also have throw pillows in the same stripe fabric and these:
How funny is that? My beloved hip chocolate floral. Overstock ROCKS!!!!!

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