Saturday, January 14, 2012

monogram necklace

I'm a sucker for monograms. I mean I'm from the South and more Southern can you get? And yes I capitalize the "S" in the phrase "the South." That's how Southern belles roll right?


The one above is from PB Teen and is $119 for silver, $129 for "gold", free shipping, and today only I have a 15% off coupon. What to do?

I've seen them on etsy for under $80 but the best looking one is from a store front in South Korea and I don't know...just have a funny feeling about that.

Apparently I've been looking at them for a while because I have quite a few bookmarked...


This one from Chasing Fireflies is $130 plus shipping but I like that the rings are on the sides, seems like it would lay flat and not spin around on its own like I'm thinking the PBTeen may do. This one only comes in sterling silver.

Now here's a 'bout one made of acrylic? and in bright colors? Like orange? Now you're talking! Plus the price tag...$78 plus tax and shipping. Hmmmm...


Note this company(Poppy's Closet) also carries the metal version but it starts at $160 for the small version.

Now for the high dollar version and honestly the only difference I see is in the price tag...from Sarah Chloe

The beauty of this styles lies in the handcrafted detailing throughout. Instructions: please enter the initials in the following order: First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial (Jane Olivia Smith should be written as JSO). Shown are additional available styles: two letters (ex: no middle name) as well as multiple letters at the same height (ex: for 3+ children). Diamond bracelet version seen on Bravo TV Pregnant in Heels.

Its $348 FOR THE SMALL ONE (not even one inch in diameter, the smallest of the bunch). Its pretty but come on...can you say "mark up."

Happy (early) Mother's Day to me!

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