Thursday, February 23, 2012

getting better all the time

So remember when I had this idea in mind for DH's office...

I still have a few maps to frame but here is how it looks now:

Still working on this beauty in the dining it is initially:

I bought a stencil to add some bordering and I also managed to knock out some nail head trim on the bottom to see how I like it...still deciding on that part. Its looking better to me though with just the little bit of border...still not quite finished...

Never one to rest when all the boys are at school I also decided to repaint all the furniture that I had recently painted MS Gray Squirrel...I just wasnt feeling the color...and by that it just felt cold and didnt sing with all the glorious color in the room from the hip floral and the cool sorbet stripes (their fabric names, not mine).
I repainted the chess table (thanks to ZB who put huge scratches in it from the mexican train domino set that weighs about 10 pounds that he pushed around the table trying to open it and dump it out, NICE).


and now:

I'm looking for some spraypaint to do the chairs...always something right?

Look closely above and you'll see a snippet of the new rug from overstock.
They both came in and as usual OVERSTOCK ROCKS!!!!!
Stay tuned for pics of the new rugs.

Friday, February 17, 2012

zb room update

One of the bloggers I follow
recently asked for submissions from readers
about their proudest DIY project.
I thought about sending in pictures
of the dresser in Zb's room but in the end I didn't.

the decal above is from the etsy shop graphic spaces
I scored the dresser at a thrift shop
after searching for months...
its by Thomasville so you know when I saw that
I was immediately partial to it...

It was brown and it had seen better days
but a little bit of green paint and voila!
I love it.

Its still a work in progress but we're getting there :)

put this on my list...


From madewell's spring collection...
see if you can guess which piece

Here's a hint...

{this is an old picture of the room...just fyi :)}

Polka dots rock!
My grandmother (Mom's mom)
 always wore a polka dot dress.
Blue or black, 
I dont remember her wearing anything but polka dots.
Forty years later and now I'm the one who loves them.
Go figure.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

when it rains...

I'm going to be ready cause I'll be wearing these...

Ribbon Rain Boots

Get these now on sale for $39.99 PLUS 40% off that with the code "FAB40"...I'm in LOVE!!!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

free valentine downloads for kids

I'm using these for valentines cards for the boys schools...they're too cute not to share:

and in case anyone else has to decorate a box to take to school to collect valentines...this is the coolest (according to my boys anyway)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

decision made

Listen to your heart.
A rule I always try to live by (but not always have).
So the Sam's rug is going back.
But come to mama, look at what I just ordered:

Hand-woven Providence Wool Rug (8' x 11')

Once again Overstock ROCKS!
The rug is 8 x 11, plenty generous for the area.
Wanna know the best part?
I got it for $279 with the 15% off rug sale
and a 7% off coupon plus free shipping.
 Cant beat that with a stick.

This is very similar to a rug Holly suggested I use in the room.
I've seen lots of these around
but for WAY
more moola...
like this one by Jill Rosenwald:

Jill Rosenwald Rugs Fallon Brown / Ivory Contemporary Rug - FAL1000

Uh, yeah, it looks exactly the same.
The only difference?
Try five HUNDRED dollars!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

to keep or not?

I always tell my kids you never know what you're going to find at Sam's Club. It always peaked their interest enough to where they'd go with me without complaint. So last week my little one and I go to stock up and of course we find a rug I just had to have. Because of the geometric print. And it was chocolate brown. And inside/outside. Translation: they can puke or pee on it and you can hose it off. Works for me. Just saying. The only problem is that its a tad smaller than the one we have now (and I like the size of our old one, its just dingy because one of my guys insists on sitting on the couch to take his shoes off. Every stinking day even though I go over it with him to leave them at the door. Like the sign says. The sign I made for this specific purpose. Oy. I are some pics before and after.

before, plain sisal rug


before, plain sisal rug


I like the rug, love the pattern, love the price (under $80 for a 7"6" x 9'6") just think I need a bigger size.  Thoughts?

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is embarrassing but here are some before pictures of our family room.
Get your puke bucket ready.
Dont say I didn't warn you.

Ok, I feel the need to jump in here and explain...I'd just had a baby. And I had twins. And we'd moved in while I was pregnant. And somebody recommended a decorator to me (I'll call her Candy as in Candy Spelling cause that's who she reminded me of the first time I met her). **Note: this was long before I'd met the fabulous Holly Mathis or gotten addicted to design blogs.** And Candy didnt "get" me or my life with three little boys. The proof of that is that hideous red silk leopard print pillow you see above. I bought it. Four of them to be exact. Even though I hated them but I figured Candy was the designer not me so who was I to judge or complain. Uh that would be me with the checkbook that's who. But I went with it even though it was wrong and I knew it. If only I'd turned 40 a little bit sooner. I'm wiser now and tend to speak up more (keep your comments to yourself, you know who you are who, Mary my sister who thinks I am never quiet) :)  Thankfully my DH banned Candy from our house (see the story of the master bath and you'll know why).

That pillow led to the rug above. Domino decision.

Above you'll see the old red toile valances.
 I fell in love with the fabric and had my brother-in-law
fight some lady in an ebay auction for it.
I was pregnant. What can I say?
I wanted it and he's competitive.
It was a win-win situation.
I love toile, like addicted to it love, but I've moved on.
Our old house was mostly red (due to domino decisions).
I wanted something new in this house.
The seats are covered because the seats were upholstered
in white  and looked like this:

Not so good with twin boys in the house right?  
Holly had already helped me narrow down the new light you see above.
 I emailed her after stalking her blog for a long time
to ask if she'd helped me narrow down my choices.
Best decorating decision EVER!

I've always used a little rug under the kids play table..
.it typically takes them a year or two to really ruin a rug.
We're on another one but hopefully soon it will go away...
the rug that is not the table.

In case you've lost your lunch let me remind you what it looks like as of yesterday...

I know! What a change. Talk amongst yourselves...

cookin' with gas

I'm on FIRE as far as scratching things off my to-do list. In another "I could cry" post I finally finished the drapes and blinds project for our family room. Two years after it went on the list. Oy. Another big project is done and man it feels good. Now I'm no photographer and yes I could probably benefit from a cool camera like a Canon rebel (how's that for a nice hint for a valentines day present. just saying.) Here's the pics from my little cheapie camera. Sorry for the low was dreary outside.

I took down the faux roman shades on the small windows and will try to repurpose them into pillow covers...thinking maybe a big floor cushion for the boys to sit on. Thanks to Holly for the tip about I bought the bamboo designer shades. I tried to buy them from a big box store but alas they only carried 32" and 34" widths and of course I needed 33" for inside mount. I ordered one first to see if I measured right...I'd rather waste one honey than two in case I totally messed up. I didnt get the privacy liner, no need for that based on the way our house sits BUT I will say that I wish I had because of the way the morning sun comes in the window. Live and learn.

I removed the black Ballard old "domino" decision (where one wrong decision leads to another).

I'm going to try to live without a rug to see if I like it
but based on the number of scratches in the hardwood floor
 I bet I'll be stalking overstock for a seagrass rug soon.

Speaking of scratches...zb scratched up the newly painted chess/checker board table I painted.
Ouch. That hurt.
I started thinking and before you know it I had a paintbrush in hand...
and its not the only table I'm painting. Stay tuned...

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