Saturday, February 4, 2012

cookin' with gas

I'm on FIRE as far as scratching things off my to-do list. In another "I could cry" post I finally finished the drapes and blinds project for our family room. Two years after it went on the list. Oy. Another big project is done and man it feels good. Now I'm no photographer and yes I could probably benefit from a cool camera like a Canon rebel (how's that for a nice hint for a valentines day present. just saying.) Here's the pics from my little cheapie camera. Sorry for the low was dreary outside.

I took down the faux roman shades on the small windows and will try to repurpose them into pillow covers...thinking maybe a big floor cushion for the boys to sit on. Thanks to Holly for the tip about I bought the bamboo designer shades. I tried to buy them from a big box store but alas they only carried 32" and 34" widths and of course I needed 33" for inside mount. I ordered one first to see if I measured right...I'd rather waste one honey than two in case I totally messed up. I didnt get the privacy liner, no need for that based on the way our house sits BUT I will say that I wish I had because of the way the morning sun comes in the window. Live and learn.

I removed the black Ballard old "domino" decision (where one wrong decision leads to another).

I'm going to try to live without a rug to see if I like it
but based on the number of scratches in the hardwood floor
 I bet I'll be stalking overstock for a seagrass rug soon.

Speaking of scratches...zb scratched up the newly painted chess/checker board table I painted.
Ouch. That hurt.
I started thinking and before you know it I had a paintbrush in hand...
and its not the only table I'm painting. Stay tuned...

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  1. SSSSSSSSSSSS! You are on fire! You go girl! I'm still waiting on Mr. Sheetrock!


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