Thursday, February 23, 2012

getting better all the time

So remember when I had this idea in mind for DH's office...

I still have a few maps to frame but here is how it looks now:

Still working on this beauty in the dining it is initially:

I bought a stencil to add some bordering and I also managed to knock out some nail head trim on the bottom to see how I like it...still deciding on that part. Its looking better to me though with just the little bit of border...still not quite finished...

Never one to rest when all the boys are at school I also decided to repaint all the furniture that I had recently painted MS Gray Squirrel...I just wasnt feeling the color...and by that it just felt cold and didnt sing with all the glorious color in the room from the hip floral and the cool sorbet stripes (their fabric names, not mine).
I repainted the chess table (thanks to ZB who put huge scratches in it from the mexican train domino set that weighs about 10 pounds that he pushed around the table trying to open it and dump it out, NICE).


and now:

I'm looking for some spraypaint to do the chairs...always something right?

Look closely above and you'll see a snippet of the new rug from overstock.
They both came in and as usual OVERSTOCK ROCKS!!!!!
Stay tuned for pics of the new rugs.

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