Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So remember this post about Wisteria's peacock mirror


It was on sale at Wisteria for half price
but still...even on sale it was over (gulp) $1000.

Then Restoration Hardware did a knock off. 
Regular price about the same as Wisteria on sale.
 I actually went to the store to look at it
I considered getting it.
So the one at Restoration looked like,
pardon my french, _ _ _ _ .
Oy vey.
Looks like a badly poured concrete form
with mirrors randomly stuck on it.
Glad I didn't order it online
without checking it out in person first.

Even then
 I couldn't get it off my mind.

I'm always looking at signs from the universe right?

To see if something seems "meant to be."

Follow my math here...

"peacock" mirror LOVE
{my dad grew up in a small southern town
known only for its annual "Peacock Festival"}
= it was meant to be mine.

Shorter equation: I'm crazy.
So what's a girl to do?

Email Pier 1 of course
to see if they have plans
to re-issue their knock-off version
that sent bloggers and design lovers
into a frenzy to get their version for under $300.
Pier One was gracious.
They checked all their warehouses for me
but no such luck
and according to their nice customer service people
they really don't "re-issue" products.
Yes they do.
Pier One reissued it as the "Golden Medallions" mirror.
Just saying.

Then low and behold,
<insert the sound of angels singing>,
today I see this.

The holy grail...


 I went at 10am sharp to Z Gallerie to buy
their version...
in my opinion
the best Wisteria peacock mirror knockoff
But alas!
 Its not expected in store until May.
(You can order it online but will ship in 5 - 6 weeks.)
Mine is on reserve and I can't wait!

**A special thank you to
one of my favorite blogs
for mentioning
this blog post.**

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