Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what have I done?

I signed up for a triathlon yesterday.
It's official that I've lost my freakin' mind.
And I'm scared.
That's official too.
But I'm at a point in my life where I REFUSE to be limited by fear.
That's why after having a tremendous fear of the water
my whole life
I started taking swimming lessons.
Yes, at the tender age of 41 I'm learning how to swim.
My lovely swim teacher, Marlena, is helping me conquer my fear.
 By the end of our first session she had me going underwater.
We were both shocked since
before I even got in the pool
I was crying because I was so scared.
So when a running buddy {Allison}
sent a link to a triathlon here in Texas
and another peep said she was in,
well, hell,
I jumped off the cliff too
and signed up.
And I think I'm going to lose some weight during this process
 because my heart is now constantly racing.
Lord, what have I done?


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