Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coral crush (part 2)

So remember when I did this post about this necklace from Oliphant

I guess it sold out because its no longer on their website but it was around $200 (if memory serves correctly). So imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw the same exact necklace during my blog crawl on one of the blogs I follow, Alamode, and for, get a chair and sit down before you read on, FORTY dollars! Dont think I didnt order both colors because it also comes in a minty sea glass color

Happy Mother's Day to me! If you want to order you can either leave your email in the comments section of the Alamode post or here's Shannon's website. I like how she rolls...thinking I might have found a new online BFF.

Friday, April 27, 2012

the way to happiness...

via the teachings of the Buddha not Wisteria catalog. Ha!

So in one week
it will be ten years of marriage for me and my dear hubby.
All the thinking yesterday about my lovely double happiness pots
(which is a traditional Chinese wedding gift)
reminded me of the following quote
that we had printed on cards
and put at every place setting at our wedding reception:

The Way to Happiness…
Keep your heart free from hate,
Your mind from worry.
Live simply. Expect little. Give much.
Consider those definitely words to live by!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

happiness is here!

Eddie, our friendly UPS guy, delivered three huge boxes
with the pretty purple "Wisteria" label
(and yes I know the UPS guys by other one is Kenny).
I was really shocked when I opened the boxes...
these happiness pots are spectacularly HUGE.
Me loves.


I'm going on a hunt

No, this is not another shopping post. I'm looking for a job. Not just any job but something I'm passionate about AND that I can make money doing. If that ain't like looking for a needle in a haystack I don't know what is. So while I'm pondering this life change I'll think of this


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My favorite four letter word

Get your mind out of the gutter. You know my favorite 4 letter word is SALE. Remember this post about my lovely orange rain boots from C. Wonder in NYC? My orange rainboots are no longer available BUT look at these cuties

They're on sale for $20 and with the code "25OFF" you save 25% (which basically pays for shipping). They also come in solid yellow.

And if you dont already know C. Wonder was started by the ex-husband of Tory Burch so you know they have some great stuff but at a better price point like these bangles

and this trellis pillow

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nursery Notations

No, I'm not pregnant. I just found a new blog with pretty eye candy like this:


Bookmarking this for beach house ideas...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saving $$ online and a pay-off

Its hard to remember a time before blogs existed. My older boys can hardly believe that when I was their age I didnt have computer games and ipods to play with. Remember when your parents would just throw you outside and tell you to go play and you would until the sun went down and your mom would holler (or in my case whistle) for you? Good times.

Anyway I was thinking about how it was that I came to love design decor. I have no desire like a lot of bloggers that I follow to become a designer. I like it yes and I'm a terrific online shopper saver yes. My friends have asked me to find things for them because they know that to me its a game to save money. I started playing it when I was homebound with little twin babies. I couldnt get out to the stores to shop so began my love of online shopping. I continue to prefer online shopping because, I believe, you can find better deals (and yes better knock offs = better deals) if you shop online plus I can usually always find a discount code online that you cant always use in person.

Here are a few of my biggest "rules" for saving money online:

1. I always and I repeat ALWAYS google terms like the name of the online site I'm shopping plus the words "discount code" or "promotional code" or "free shipping" then sit back and see what comes back to me.
2. If I can't find a code I'll sign up for the store's email list and they'll send a coupon code (like for Z Gallerie, they'll almost instantly send you a 10% off coupon). Stores like Ann Taylor and Loft routinely send codes for 40% off as does Lands End.
3. Be patient. If I cant find a code to save money then I'll usually bookmark the item (a huge reason I started this blog was to be able to save my things somewhere instead of clogging up my "favorites" section on my computer.) and then wait. I'll check back often to see if the item goes on sale or if I get a coupon via email. More times than not my patience will pay off.

For instance I had a bookmark for a double happiness pot from Horchow. I loved this pot but it was $350 plus shipping. Ouch!

Horchow-double happiness jar

I watched it patiently like a lion waiting for its prey. One day recently I got an email announcing a flash 40% off one day only sale. My sweet DH was home and saw me looking at it (ok, so maybe I sighed longingly at it when he walked by me at the computer). He said "our anniversary is coming up, why don't you order it?" Double happiness pot + sweet DH = Happy Anniversary to us!  Now here's the best part. I followed rule number one above and did a search using key words and viola! I got free shipping on top of the 40% off. I saved nearly $200. SCORE!

Soon to be added to my collection of double happiness pots are the ones from Wisteria. They've been on backorder for months (ordered during the last sale) but should be in soon...stay tuned for more pics.

one of these days...

I'll explain why I named this blog always in a southern state of mind but for now here's a hint about where I come from...

Pinned Image


Friday, April 20, 2012

places to go

Our tenth wedding anniversary is quickly approaching and we'd like to go someplace alone where there are no people to see. The highest priority on our list of considerations of where to go isnt just where to go, its how hard would it be to get back in case something happened to our three little bambinos while we're gone. That said this dreamy place is not a place we'll be going to until they get a direct flight to the island (Hello, Continental Airlines, can you hear me????). In the meantime I'll just dream a little dream of these


Since Amanyara is on hold we've been trying to plan a trip here. Its relatively close and we could get back fairly quickly...



Just three little things we have to figure out first and that's who will watch them while we're in paradise. If I didnt think it would be way to rude I'd enroll them in "Aunt Mary" camp for a few days. : )  Think about it Mae.

Now this is not considered "paradise" but you can taste a bit of heaven if you ever find yourself near Barney, Georgia THIS place has undoubtedly the BEST peaches I have EVER tasted...definitely worth a side trip if you're in the vicinity:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

fabric love

So maybe you've caught on by now that I love me some fabric (poor grammar I know but I love that phrase)...a couple of weeks ago while perusing my favorite fabric haunt I came upon this, another holy grail in my book, a knock off for KWID imperial trellis, a fabric of which I will never tire.

<<Insert the sound of angels singing here>>

Behold Richloom's Kirkwood fabric

Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood Palm

and also pretty in pool colorway

Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood Pool

Where was this when I was re-doing my master bedroom? At under $9 a yard I just may be making some new panels.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm working hard on this swimming thing for the triathlon.
I'm working through the fear
trying to put all the pieces together
for a freestyle swim. 
Its easily the hardest thing I've ever done
(considering a twin pregnancy
and the half marathons I've ran...
neither is easy peasy. right?)
Anyway I went to pinterest for words of encouragement today.
I can't wait to get this tri done...
I saw some really great ones for after the race like this one

Believe in yourself.

happy chic

That's the name of Jonathan Adler's line at hsn. I'd read somewhere that he was hawking a new home decor line there and I think I checked it out but didnt see anything that really spoke to me. BUT I was groggily flipping channels early this morning searching for cartoons for the kids and I woke up (even without my jolt of caffeine) when I saw this

geometric wave on one side
and chevron on the other!
I just may have to put this on the list. 
here's the best part:
its an 8 piece set for $170 plus free shipping!

or how about these two pillows for $35

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Wave Pillow Pair

blue not your color?
well how about pink and brown then

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Decorative Pillow Pair
  Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Set of 2 Wave Euro Sham Shells

All this and more on HSN.  Who knew?

Friday, April 13, 2012

geometric + sun protection =

Sorry I keep doing equations but the twins are learning two digit addition and subtraction so we're surrounded by I'm a scientist but I digress...back to the formula

what do you get when you use two great geometric fabrics and protection from the sun? Look at this lovely


cute dresses

This was in Southern Living...too bad every girl who saw it loved it too because its permanently out of stock


I'll just have to be quicker next time. I must have good taste because the same thing happened to this one


 this site has some really cute dresses and cover-ups.

Pinned Image

Still loving me some color block

large image view


But a LBD is always in fashion so under the "luxury" category goes this lovely dress by my favorite...Tadashi

Tadashi Shoji Mixed-Lace Dress

If I had a class reunion tomorrow that dress is what I'd pick to wear.

topiaries to entertaining

They're another thing I'm obsessed with. These from RH are on my list to get

Preserved Boxwood Globes

but I'd like to find a less expensive version. Speaking of - how cute are these place card holders?

Kate Aspen Topiary Place Card Holder (Set of 12).Opens in a new window

Can you believe they're from Target? Too bad I dont have the gene that makes people like to entertain. It makes me nervous to have people over for dinner...just part of my OCD and "eager to please disease" where I'm overwhelmed wanting everything to be perfect. Guess I'll put that on my list of things to work on. In the meantime I saw these placemats. They're 4 for $24! Soon to be mine...

Natural Fiber Oval Placemat, Set of 4 | World Market

I'd seen a different tutorial on how to make a laminated table cover but here's a recent one I saw, very cute with a scalloped edge:


I've been thinking about painting or stenciling my pantry but after I scrubbed it down with those handy whitening sponges it looks better and I'm ok with putting that project off a bit.  If I ever do get the urge then I'll consider using one of these tutorials.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

apple green + navy

my other favorite color combination, oh wait, orange is not a color combination, well anyway...I love me some green and navy. We're about to have family pictures made and I've bought various shirts of green for the boys to wear with shorts and I'm planning on wearing a navy and white striped top (still to be decided) and I've been looking for shoes. I would die for these:


kate spade's vanessa

orange + height = ?

Women's Mossimo® Pollie Strappy Espadrille - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

saw these today at target...the tan color is also pretty. hmm. Now these are more $$$...wonder if they're more comfortable?

Detail Image


or these from one of my favorite shoe makers

Detail Image
and with a name like kate spade these are definitely $$$

oh and the answer to the equation orange + height = ME LOVE (of course)

for the twins room

its been a year and I'm still contemplating this madeline chest from home decorators for between the twins' beds...its a dilemma since it would block the window and we close the wood blinds and curtains nightly to block the light from the street lamp...still love this though...not your typical nightstand and I like the rustic red color

Madeline Chest

Also looking for reading lights for their room. I bought some LED clip on lights from PB Teen recently but they kept falling down and I was thought it was a safety issue so I returned them. I saw these at shades of light and am seriously debating.

 LED Gooseneck Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp (4 Finishes!)

I like that its an LED light (so they dont get hot)and that you can plug them in plus it has an easy flip switch BUT you know DH doesn't like to even put a nail in the wall much less hang these bad boys.

kitchen eye candy

Think this is from the same house as the entry way 
I posted recently...via this post on classic casual home.
Love the built in bench, the blue and white vases, 
and the awesome lanterns over the island.
Adding these to my list of must haves for a future kitchen reno. 

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