Friday, April 20, 2012

places to go

Our tenth wedding anniversary is quickly approaching and we'd like to go someplace alone where there are no people to see. The highest priority on our list of considerations of where to go isnt just where to go, its how hard would it be to get back in case something happened to our three little bambinos while we're gone. That said this dreamy place is not a place we'll be going to until they get a direct flight to the island (Hello, Continental Airlines, can you hear me????). In the meantime I'll just dream a little dream of these


Since Amanyara is on hold we've been trying to plan a trip here. Its relatively close and we could get back fairly quickly...



Just three little things we have to figure out first and that's who will watch them while we're in paradise. If I didnt think it would be way to rude I'd enroll them in "Aunt Mary" camp for a few days. : )  Think about it Mae.

Now this is not considered "paradise" but you can taste a bit of heaven if you ever find yourself near Barney, Georgia THIS place has undoubtedly the BEST peaches I have EVER tasted...definitely worth a side trip if you're in the vicinity:

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