Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saving $$ online and a pay-off

Its hard to remember a time before blogs existed. My older boys can hardly believe that when I was their age I didnt have computer games and ipods to play with. Remember when your parents would just throw you outside and tell you to go play and you would until the sun went down and your mom would holler (or in my case whistle) for you? Good times.

Anyway I was thinking about how it was that I came to love design decor. I have no desire like a lot of bloggers that I follow to become a designer. I like it yes and I'm a terrific online shopper saver yes. My friends have asked me to find things for them because they know that to me its a game to save money. I started playing it when I was homebound with little twin babies. I couldnt get out to the stores to shop so began my love of online shopping. I continue to prefer online shopping because, I believe, you can find better deals (and yes better knock offs = better deals) if you shop online plus I can usually always find a discount code online that you cant always use in person.

Here are a few of my biggest "rules" for saving money online:

1. I always and I repeat ALWAYS google terms like the name of the online site I'm shopping plus the words "discount code" or "promotional code" or "free shipping" then sit back and see what comes back to me.
2. If I can't find a code I'll sign up for the store's email list and they'll send a coupon code (like for Z Gallerie, they'll almost instantly send you a 10% off coupon). Stores like Ann Taylor and Loft routinely send codes for 40% off as does Lands End.
3. Be patient. If I cant find a code to save money then I'll usually bookmark the item (a huge reason I started this blog was to be able to save my things somewhere instead of clogging up my "favorites" section on my computer.) and then wait. I'll check back often to see if the item goes on sale or if I get a coupon via email. More times than not my patience will pay off.

For instance I had a bookmark for a double happiness pot from Horchow. I loved this pot but it was $350 plus shipping. Ouch!

Horchow-double happiness jar

I watched it patiently like a lion waiting for its prey. One day recently I got an email announcing a flash 40% off one day only sale. My sweet DH was home and saw me looking at it (ok, so maybe I sighed longingly at it when he walked by me at the computer). He said "our anniversary is coming up, why don't you order it?" Double happiness pot + sweet DH = Happy Anniversary to us!  Now here's the best part. I followed rule number one above and did a search using key words and viola! I got free shipping on top of the 40% off. I saved nearly $200. SCORE!

Soon to be added to my collection of double happiness pots are the ones from Wisteria. They've been on backorder for months (ordered during the last sale) but should be in soon...stay tuned for more pics.

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