Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christmas is coming

and I'm thinking of getting at least one of these for the boys...

Its Scrabble meets Rubik's Cube (remember when Rubik's Cube was THE toy to have...I know, I just dated myself again)

If you have little boys you'll know they love dirt and bugs but who knew they made a playground for bugs? Zb and I catch creepy crawlies all the time...this would have come in handy for the rolly pollie we found on a bike ride last week...we didnt have any thing to put it in and it kind of got squished. Not pretty... Bug Playground
Besides bugs all my boys love to build things...blocks, legos, tinker toys, you name it, they build it. I'd never heard of tikestix but I see these in my future

TikeStix™ RocketTikeStix™ Clubhouse

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