Tuesday, May 1, 2012

exercise gear

Here are some things that I've been coveting lately...

A Lunatik watch band to hold my ipod (but who needs music when you have terrific running peeps : )
LunaTik TikTok Watch Wrist Strap for iPod Nano 6G - Yellow

Ok, I know I said I didnt need music because of my sweet running friends but after about 10 miles it has been my experience that you and your peeps either a) run out of things to say or stories to tell or as in my case b) you're all just in your zone trying to push yourself through it and the only thing on your mind is "what mile are we on?" or "is this the last flippin' hill?" Good times. Knowing that I would crash about mile ten I looked for mini speakers to plug into my ipod so that we could jam and hopefully get inspired. Uh yeah that didnt happen. I couldnt find any specifically for running. Then I saw the holy grail in a magazine recently. Where was this brilliant product when I needed it for the last half marathon?
Sound Running Vest Lime Green Small
Road Noise vest
You plug in your device of choice so you can run without holding anything and no wires are dangling around...oh and its reflective too so double bonus! Me loves it!

Another thing to consider for races is that they all usually start after the sun comes up. Me, I'm a vampire of running. I like to run in the dark. Its cooler, you dont have to worry about babysitters because your kids are asleep, and let's face it you can look terrible and you dont have to worry about comments from the neighbors or people you know who drive past you on your runs and will email saying "was that YOU I saw running this morning looking like death warmed over?") So for the daylight runs I was considering these Oakley sunglasses, the Necessity (breast cancer awareness version)
Necessity Breast Cancer Awareness Edition
But they only had these, the Drizzle, when I stopped by Sunglass Hut to try them on. The Drizzle was so lightweight that I think they'd be awesome to run in and this version is polarized

Polarized Drizzle
I signed up at for their newsletter and I'm hoping they do a promotion for Mother's Day so that I can score these for less than the $180 price tag. Ouch. That's steep. Not to mention one of the boys will probably break them or lose them as soon as I get them. They never do that to the cheap $10 glasses. Why is that? Its like when you spend $$$ big money somehow kids have radar for that kind of stuff like a "seek and destroy" signal goes off in their brain.

Now I'd never heard of this company before I saw it on some blog I was reading. How cute is this?

Lole Zenith top
I'm thinking the ruching is the bomb-diggity right? Hides what needs to be hidden after turning 40 and having three kids. Just saying.

And thank the good Lord my favorite running shoe has an updated color for the season. I have three pairs of the same ugly blue. I cant tell which shoes belong together as a set so I dont know how much mileage they each have on them. Next time I'll write on the insert or something but I digress...this year they chose what we call the "special girl color" violet (because every girl looks good in voilety purple blue right?)
Product Image
mizuno wave inspire 8

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