Monday, May 28, 2012

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My love of blogs started a few years ago when I was online searching for ideas for our master bathroom remodel. I dont even think I knew what "blogspot" meant. One of the earliest blogs I remember reading was my sweet Savannah...I clicked on it because of the "savannah" in the title. I'm pretty sure that's how I found my way to Holly Mathis. You get my drift...I clicked through from one blog to another and pretty soon I had a million blogs saved as favorites.  Is it any wonder that the computer blew up?

I've learned alot from to sew curtain panels, make my own pillows, DIY art, heck basically I've redone our whole house because of pictures, ideas, and instructions I've found on blogs. But I've also found blogs that have touched my heart, made me thankful for my wonderfully ordinary life, and helped me to embrace the "drives you so crazy you wonder why you ever had kids then the next second its so awesomely beautiful I'm so glad we had kids thing" they call parenthood.

I have a sidebar with a link to bookmarks I've made of stories that I wanted to remember but I also wanted to share one blog that I've become an email follower of...

I found it while looking for ideas to help a friend of mine who is battling cancer. This lady, Hollye, is in her own battle against breast cancer and what I love is that she is a warrior and while she could sit back and say "whoa is me" instead she chooses to focus on the glimmers of goodness, the silver linings, in things both big and small.  I look forward to my daily email from her that usually contains a beautiful quote that I reflect on during the day. Like this one...

and a recent favorite quote of mine...


Sometimes, like coffee in the morning, you just need a little pick-me-up to put a pep in your step or to make that "glass half empty" change to "glass half full." If we all choose to do that what a wonderful world this would be.

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