Thursday, May 17, 2012

Party Planning

Yesterday was Zb's fourth birthday (and the one year birthday of this blog)! With all the prep I was doing for the triathlon I did not plan anything for his birthday much to the chagrin of my dear hubby. Do little ones really need a birthday party EVERY year? Really?

I thought about it. I promise. I even found this new party planning site (and of course their pinterest site) with lovelies like this

Pink Green Baby Shower

vis via

and this balloon themed party looks easy and festive

Kids Birthday Balloons Inspiration

Next year Zb I promise Mommy will work on her "entertaining anxiety" problem and throw you a party (I hate to entertain, stresses me out and turns me into a crazy person, oh wait, that's just me in regular life, ha!).  If you dont have that problem then you can use the code "BHG2012" for 15% off printed cards and party gear from

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