Monday, May 21, 2012

the skin I'm in...

is not what it once was. Was it Chicken Little who screamed "The sky is falling!"? Well for me its my skin that's falling.  Note to my sisters who havent hit 40. Your day is coming so remember the Waffle House slogan "smother and cover" when it comes to retinol products, sunblock, and moisturizers because once you hit middle age, well, I don't want to scare you with what's to come so just trust me and start taking care of your skin NOW.

I've always considered myself a beauty product junkie. Open any drawer or cabinet in my bathroom and you might hear someone yell "Run for cover" because you're bound to get hit with a box or potion. One thing I bought last year and that I'm addicted to is the Clarisonic Plus

Clarisonic - Clarisonic® Plus Skin Care System & Spot Therapy Kit
With the Plus you can scrub your face then switch brushes to do your body (an absolute must if you use self tanner). You can always find a coupon code if you google usually always has a 20% off code. Discount or not its worth the investment.  Just saying.

Another gadget I'm considering is the claims to stimulate elastin and collagen production ie lift what's falling and sagging or losing firmness.

Wonder if you could use this on your thighs? Things that make you go "Hmmm?"  **NOTE: Ha! Just read a review that said the girl saw such great results on her face that she's going to start using this on her body especially her thighs! SOLD!

Now I'm a die hard afficianado of Ole his Truth Serum chock full of vitamin C

and Sheer Transformation is the bomb too! I LOVE his stuff but I also try new things...these are on my "GET" list

vitamin C ester kit

Also by Dr. Nicholas Perricone is this new line based on super foods and nutrients...

When Courtney Cox became the face of the Kinerase line you heard about their products all the time. Not sure what happened but you dont see it like you used to. I tried one of their products and liked it alot...just didnt like the price tag but then I saw that Kinerase came out with a more affordable line available at Walmart and Walgreens...interesting...and when I did more research I found the product I liked alot...

Under Eye Recovery

While I'm at Walgreens I'd like to try this too...says its a moisturizing day cream that firms and contains SPF.
Olay Age Defying 2-in-1 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream + Serum
So besides your skin and body parts (like your boobs and your bum) falling down you'll also start to lose hair or at least it wont grow as fast as it did when you were younger. For instance I've noticed the hair on my eyebrows is sparser so much so that I use an eyebrow pencil. I use one now by Smashbox that's ok but I've heard rave reviews about this one by Dalton and I'll be getting this when the other one is done.


I'd also love to try this aluminum free deodorant by Weleda to see if it works (do your shirts become stained at the armpit because of your deodorant? or is it just me? and if it does that to my shirt what's it doing to my body?)

Weleda Citrus Deodorant - 3.4 oz..Opens in a new window

One thing I have tried and LOVE is by Bobbi can use it on your lips and cheeks and it stays on all day (at least on your cheeks...I've never found a lip color that stays on all day...maybe I should go back in the lab and invent one?!)

Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks
Sign up on Bobbi's website and they send coupon codes for free shipping and deluxe samples.

Hope I didnt scare you about getting older...its better than the alternative.

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and above all remember this

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