Monday, May 14, 2012

Tri Number One Done!

I knew when I signed up eight weeks ago
to do my first triathlon
it wouldn't be easy.
Now that I finished
(and did pretty well if I do say so myself)
 I know all these things to be true.
Especially the "worth it" part.

Ten weeks ago I started swim lessons
 after being afraid of water my whole life.
Then a friend sent a link to a triathlon
even though I was scared to death
 I knew it would spur me on to have a big goal
and it helped push me to go to the pool more. 
I started getting in the water to practice
 four or five days a week instead of one.
Heck I didn't even own a bicycle
not to mention
that I hadn't even ridden a bike in twenty plus years.
 I had the running part down
but after swimming and biking back to back,
not so sure if I could finish.

But in the end I kept reminding myself
what I tell my kids...
that they can do anything if they just believe because

I believed and I achieved...

So here's a challenge:

quote box made on quozio
and if you're still really afraid then just remember this

I have more goals.
I'm scared
but I'm going for it.
Are you in?

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  1. Thats amazing... and its so awesome the things we can accomplish once we just do it ya know?


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