Friday, May 25, 2012

Wish Wash

So on super long runs when my peeps and I run out of stories to tell
 or we're just too tired to talk we've resorted to 
fessing up to a secret about ourselves that no one knows. 
Here's a freebie...I love doing laundry. 
I do.
 I love to sort, wash, dry, fold, put up. 
Something about it satisfies me. 
What can I say? 
I have OCD.

Our current laundry room is yellow.

I hate it.
I'm thinking of painting the cabinets like this green albeit more appley green...

and wallpapering one wall like this

with this

here's a different colorway of the chiang mai print used in a get the idea.

I considered getting an overhead projector to do it myself 
but I stumbled upon a company that can turn any image into a wallpaper
 (and yes they do make wallpaper of this but its like 300 bucks a roll 
and I only need a little since I'm only doing one wall.
Its either that or maybe somebody has leftovers on ebay? 

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