Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

is Sunday. I realized this earlier in the week and kind of panicked. I have one email account dedicated to sales emails (don't judge people, I love the hunt of saving money and getting a good deal) so I perused the deals and found a 40% off sales prices at Coach...I got a fantastic leather briefcase for a steal for DH. SCORE!

For my own dad I made a brag book with pictures from our recent photo session...I'd never heard of pinhole press (sounds like a disease really, doesn't it?) but my photographer recommended them. I picked this one in, drumroll please, Pinned Image
ORANGE...I figured my dad could see it better since I know he'll put it in his truck to show all his work buddies (yes, he still goes to work every day at 75 years old, I love that man).

Check out some of their other products...
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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Use the code "pinholepressvip" for 10% off. Plus they're super book shipped within 24 hours.

new reads

During my blog crawl this morning I found a couple of new blogs that I immediately loved based soley on their names:

and for my running peeps that are also addicted to pinterest:

ok, this one my friend Kim told me about...she's a riot so I should have known this would make me roll with has some uh, colorful language so don't open this with your kids in the room or if you're my peep Kelly who does not curse (and so I'm not sure why she's friends with me :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This made my day!

The peacock mirror I've obsessed about here, here and here is finally HERE!

Now I just have to find a colored table...something like this

or this but in green...
Pinned Image

a little bit funky like this but more of an apple-y kelly green
Pinned Image

like this
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

or this
Pinned Image

Happy but the hunt continues...and a new obsession begins.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

slide on over

The twins share a jack and jill bathroom. Its where we give nightly baths to the boys in an assembly line fashion. It really is a perfect bathroom. For one person. At a time. Sometimes we have all five of us in there doing a rotation dance of sorts. Drives me crazy. Then I saw this...

 Count this one as a "thing that makes you go hmmmm??????" especially when you see more eye candy...


all images via 

ok...this is not great but here's a little idea of before
and after...

The question is with three doors (the one here, the white one you see that leads into their study room, and the one you don't see that separates the sink area from the toilet and bath) you change them all or what? Its going to take a while to figure this one out but I'm willing to step outside the box and go for it. Guess the next step is calling "Super Mario" our handyman to see if he can help...I'm thinking old pipes like in the first pic...stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

chevron + IKEA

who knew that you could buy custom slipcovers for IKEA furniture? Sure I knew that you could buy extra covers from the store but I stumbled upon a company who custom makes them too in fabulous fabrics...they had me at chevron...look at this chair

And they also have pillow covers...for $18!


Makes me want to sell my two pottery barn couches and run to IKEA.

Monday, June 11, 2012

50 cent

I saw an interview last night with 50 Cent. Yes, the rapper 50 Cent. Otherwise known as Curtis Jackson. I liked him. Alot. He was not anything like his onstage "thug" persona. I bet alot of ladies are crushing on him today after watching him with Oprah on her "second chapter" series. Don't judge. At least I wasn't watching reality trash tv like "real housewives" or something.

Anyway "50" said something that blew me away. I know, shocking right? This is what he said:

"Either pray or worry. Don't do both."

Pretty deep huh?

Talk amongst yourselves.

To watch click below for the youtube video:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

like a needle in a haystack

that's what it feels like I'm looking for in my quest to find comfortable and good looking summer shoes. I've bought and returned more shoes lately...I'm sure there's a file on me at my credit card company (if they keep up with that sort of thing. Remember these shoes from Target I claimed were so comfortable?

Well back to Target they go. They were indeed comfy when I put them on and then I started walking. Comfy then? Not so much. A problem for sure right? I didn't even walk far...just from the car into preschool and back. Not a good sign.

Good news is that my new crocs arrived in the mail today. Crocs you say? Well these ain't your kiddos' crocs...look at these wedges (yes I said wedges)

A-Leigh wedge

Patricia II wedge
They're both lightweight with comfortable footbeds with those little nubby things that massage your feet when you walk. I have high hopes for these bad boys. They come in other colors...I chose these neutrals to start with. You can get them many places...I got them off the website...sign up for their emails and you get a 20% coupon code emailed instantly to you plus free shipping over $75.

They have lots of new styles including this one...

I KNOW! I thought the same thing. These cant be crocs! But they are...check them here and don't forget to get on their email list for your coupon. I wore them all afternoon into evening and my feet feel great! Just may have found that needle after all.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

the sweetest thing

My twins are learning how to ride bikes without their training wheels. We've been working on it all week and if you live in Texas you know its been H-O-T this week. So we've done it in spurts...practice a while sweat to death, go in for a/c and water breaks, go back out. Rinse repeat. We finally started making headway when I googled "how to teach a kid how to ride a bike" and we watch video after video on youtube. I'm not a teacher and with my lack of sleep over the past four years you know my patience is not of abundance so I figured we'd glean a little pearl of wisdom from the crazies on the net. HA!

We took off the pedals and lowered the seats as per the best video we saw. We even went to the park and went up and down the hills (ok, its not a hill, its a mound of dirt surrounding the trees that they use to protect them from drought but its the closest thing to a hill we've got around here). One twin got it as of today, the other is still struggling. And he's a bit bitter because he's very competitive.  Anyway I told him to be happy for his brother and not to begrudge him the glory of his hard work paying off. I told him any time he wanted to practice we'd go work at it, no pressure. So he just came up to me and said "Mom, could you wake me up at 4am tomorrow?" and when I asked him why he said "because I think that's the time the paperboy comes by with our paper and I want to ask him for tips on how he rides his bike." Could you not just die? I love that kid.


about a little update to DH's office...

I love the olana fabric,
very southern and reminds me of spanish moss
(like in the picture above the sofa)
but I dont think it does anything for the room (?)

so I'm thinking more of a geometric (surprised?) like this by Duralee

which one looks better?


or after?
I'm thinking I'll spend the $17 on a yard
 and whip up two the rate I change pillows
 maybe I should open an etsy shop to sell my castoffs.
My linen closet is full you know.

Friday, June 8, 2012

that's just swell

In another blog stumbler I found a cute online shop, Swell Caroline, based in hot-Lanta...they have alot of cute things including my beloved statement necklaces...

Mint Blue

cool thing about this site...its available in six colors (not just coral and mint) LOVE!

They had a memorial day sale recently and I picked up these little pretties

you can also purchase a monogram charm if you'd like
Green with Triple Letter Monogram

and it comes in six other colorways (I chose the aquamarine)

Candy Color Options

and these earrings...hoping they go with both my new coral and aquamarine necklaces...

and I finally got my double happiness!!!! in orange of course

Orange Happiness Bracelet

and a monogram necklace (going to try the acrylic before I spend $$$ to get a gold one)


All total it was around $130 for four pieces PLUS I got a 10% discount, a free surprise gift, and free shipping...could it get any better? I'm such a sucker for a deal.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boston Proper

No, I'm not going on a trip up north...just going through the pile of papers that I've ripped out of catalogs during carpool line. Gotta get a better system...until then here are the top picks from the Boston Proper catalog:



BP is where I first saw this bikini BUT its $119 and you have to buy the top and bottom in the same size. Now I dont know about you but my body isn't exactly that way. So I'm sorry BP but of course I googled it and found that you can buy the separates at Macy's. And they're currently on sale for $39 each. Plus 20% off until June 13. Where do you think I'm going with this information? SOLD!

 And in case you see these wedges in the BP catalog dont waste your least if you're a runner girl. I bought them from Nordstrom (sorry again BP but I refuse to pay for shipping anymore) and while I LOVEd the color (because you KNOW I got them in orange) the "leather" looked cheap and the height was too much for my weak aging ankles. Alas my search for a beautiful comfy orange wedge continues...
In case you do want to place an order with BP there's a current code for $20 off..."MISSU5". Just saying.

Webster wedge

I'd personally never heard of Webster before the brand suddenly appeared in Target. I was at my favorite Target yesterday and got sucked into the vortex. Too bad my DH checks the accounts daily...he'll find out tomorrow morning what a bad scene it was. Lucky for him though that these Webster lovelies weren't sold in store


What is it about a green and navy blue shoe that sucks me in every time? This shoe WAS in store and although I didnt like the color I bought them because they were so comfortable...they also come in bright blue and hot pink...dont judge until you try them...

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