Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boston Proper

No, I'm not going on a trip up north...just going through the pile of papers that I've ripped out of catalogs during carpool line. Gotta get a better system...until then here are the top picks from the Boston Proper catalog:



BP is where I first saw this bikini BUT its $119 and you have to buy the top and bottom in the same size. Now I dont know about you but my body isn't exactly that way. So I'm sorry BP but of course I googled it and found that you can buy the separates at Macy's. And they're currently on sale for $39 each. Plus 20% off until June 13. Where do you think I'm going with this information? SOLD!

 And in case you see these wedges in the BP catalog dont waste your least if you're a runner girl. I bought them from Nordstrom (sorry again BP but I refuse to pay for shipping anymore) and while I LOVEd the color (because you KNOW I got them in orange) the "leather" looked cheap and the height was too much for my weak aging ankles. Alas my search for a beautiful comfy orange wedge continues...
In case you do want to place an order with BP there's a current code for $20 off..."MISSU5". Just saying.

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