Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grannie's kitchen

My Grannie had an old farmhouse sink in her kitchen.
It sat right under the kitchen window.
I can remember her singing old hymns
like "nobody knows the troubles I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow"
and "Blessed Assurance" as she did the dishes by hand,
the smell of Palmolive dish soap heavy in the air.
Her kitchen had a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling,
the kind where you pulled a little chain to turn it on.
My kids will never know things like that.
Makes me sad in a way. 
I'll have to show them pics like this similar sink on pinterest
so they can get an idea of how it was back in the day...

Love the open cupboards and that old farmhouse sink

So why am I reminiscing about my Grannie's kitchen?
Well just when we thought we were done with renovations...
my DH suggested a new sink
(it took a long time for my hint to sink in to become his idea, love you honey.) 
Of course I'm dreaming of a nice farmhouse sink like one of these
Caden Design Group: White kitchen with farmhouse sink with polished nickel vintage faucet flanked by white ...

Just not sure if this will lead to a domino decision...
where one design choice leads to another...
I'm afraid if we start we'll end up redoing the backsplash and granite
and I dont think we're up for that.
Stay tuned....

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