Sunday, June 10, 2012

like a needle in a haystack

that's what it feels like I'm looking for in my quest to find comfortable and good looking summer shoes. I've bought and returned more shoes lately...I'm sure there's a file on me at my credit card company (if they keep up with that sort of thing. Remember these shoes from Target I claimed were so comfortable?

Well back to Target they go. They were indeed comfy when I put them on and then I started walking. Comfy then? Not so much. A problem for sure right? I didn't even walk far...just from the car into preschool and back. Not a good sign.

Good news is that my new crocs arrived in the mail today. Crocs you say? Well these ain't your kiddos' crocs...look at these wedges (yes I said wedges)

A-Leigh wedge

Patricia II wedge
They're both lightweight with comfortable footbeds with those little nubby things that massage your feet when you walk. I have high hopes for these bad boys. They come in other colors...I chose these neutrals to start with. You can get them many places...I got them off the website...sign up for their emails and you get a 20% coupon code emailed instantly to you plus free shipping over $75.

They have lots of new styles including this one...

I KNOW! I thought the same thing. These cant be crocs! But they are...check them here and don't forget to get on their email list for your coupon. I wore them all afternoon into evening and my feet feel great! Just may have found that needle after all.

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