Saturday, June 2, 2012


I love them. I guess its just the southern girl in me. I just ordered one of these in tortoise...

Acrylic Rimmed Script Monogram Necklace

I got a couple of other pieces of jewelry as well...will post on them when they arrive...trying to add a little bling to take my usual shorts and t-shirt uniform from so-so to chic (for me anyway) since we're getting ready to make our annual road trip from hell pilgrammage to the deep south to see my peeps and show the boys "where I come from."

Speaking of...I'm planning to drag my sister here when we visit this summer...they have the most beautiful monograms
No. Four Eleven

They did this monogram on a chair redo I saw during my blog crawl one day...needless to say its an inspiration keeper...
February 2012 371
 click here to see the before

Here's more monogram loveliness... monogram + sunburst = ME LOVE


and I'm pushing my sister to follow suit in her newly painted bedroom (can you tell from all the similar pics I've been posting?)

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