Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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The twins share a jack and jill bathroom. Its where we give nightly baths to the boys in an assembly line fashion. It really is a perfect bathroom. For one person. At a time. Sometimes we have all five of us in there doing a rotation dance of sorts. Drives me crazy. Then I saw this...

 Count this one as a "thing that makes you go hmmmm??????" especially when you see more eye candy...


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ok...this is not great but here's a little idea of before
and after...

The question is with three doors (the one here, the white one you see that leads into their study room, and the one you don't see that separates the sink area from the toilet and bath) you change them all or what? Its going to take a while to figure this one out but I'm willing to step outside the box and go for it. Guess the next step is calling "Super Mario" our handyman to see if he can help...I'm thinking old pipes like in the first pic...stay tuned.

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