Saturday, June 9, 2012

the sweetest thing

My twins are learning how to ride bikes without their training wheels. We've been working on it all week and if you live in Texas you know its been H-O-T this week. So we've done it in spurts...practice a while sweat to death, go in for a/c and water breaks, go back out. Rinse repeat. We finally started making headway when I googled "how to teach a kid how to ride a bike" and we watch video after video on youtube. I'm not a teacher and with my lack of sleep over the past four years you know my patience is not of abundance so I figured we'd glean a little pearl of wisdom from the crazies on the net. HA!

We took off the pedals and lowered the seats as per the best video we saw. We even went to the park and went up and down the hills (ok, its not a hill, its a mound of dirt surrounding the trees that they use to protect them from drought but its the closest thing to a hill we've got around here). One twin got it as of today, the other is still struggling. And he's a bit bitter because he's very competitive.  Anyway I told him to be happy for his brother and not to begrudge him the glory of his hard work paying off. I told him any time he wanted to practice we'd go work at it, no pressure. So he just came up to me and said "Mom, could you wake me up at 4am tomorrow?" and when I asked him why he said "because I think that's the time the paperboy comes by with our paper and I want to ask him for tips on how he rides his bike." Could you not just die? I love that kid.

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