Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amelia Island

We decided to do things differently during our annual pilgrimage to see the 'rents. I don't know about you but visiting family can be a little bit "tricky" sometimes. Ours is always a bit drama filled and it doesn't always make for a relaxing vacation. So this year we started off with a little down time at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island. It was amazeballs.

the entry way (and the all important coffee service)
from the entry way into the living room with a half bath off to the the ceiling light.

the living room area...the couch folded out into a bed (the boys LOVEd it)

a closeup of the drapery fabric...something I never would have picked but it worked....

the long hall to the master side is "his" the other "hers"

sorry for the bad lighting but look at that ocean

the sitting area in the bedroom...the HUGE balcony stretched from the living room to the bedroom

Now I know you may be thinking "who goes on vacation and takes more pictures of the hotel room than of her family?" The answer? Someone addicted to decor that's who (and for the record I took lots of family photos...just can't post them here out of respect for DH who's opposed to that idea). 

If you are ever in the vicinity of Amelia Island this is THE place to stay. Lots to do and explore. I was watching Oprah's new show Sunday night and she was in Kingsland, GA recently promoting another new show on her network and she stayed  here as well. Just saying.

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