Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heaven on earth

I think we found it here.
We just returned from our annual trip to see my family
in the deep south and along the way we visited
our friends Jeff and Tracy
who have a second home in PB.
They were so lovely and welcoming.
We hadn't spent alot of time with Tracy
in the time since they got married
but to know her is to love her.
Jeff is one lucky man.
 I can honestly say that the first week
of our vacation was one of
 THE best weeks of our lives.
Hands down.
I'll try to detail it later
(we drove home in one day flat
and I immediately came down
with flu symptoms).
For now enjoy some eye candy from our trip:

the lake behind their house
the guys getting the firepit ready
 to tell ghost stories.
and YES that is a flame thrower
you see bottom right screen.
My new nickname for Jeff is "Pyro"
as in "pyromaniac." :)

the view of their lake between the main and guest houses

downtown Palmetto Bluff and the front of the church where Jeff and Tracy married

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

my favorite "haint blue" ceilings were everywhere

one of the lagoons where we saw lots of alligators.

Where is Troy from "Swamp People" when you need him?

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