Friday, July 20, 2012

high vs my (striped duvet bedding)

I LOVE it when I find a knock-off 
more affordable version of something I really want.

Case in point this duvet that I posted about recently

I really thought brown was the way to go
but with their room I knew navy would work too.
See I'd already fallen in love with the
when I was updating the nursery to a big boys' room.

I'd coveted searched for
and found similar duvets at places like 
BUT they were more than I wanted to spend.
 And of course with twins I need two.
Plus two shams. 
I just couldn't justify
you know I'm a girl who LOVES a deal. 
Although I'll admit I tried to snag them
when they went on sale at NM earlier this summer
but alot of ladies like me must have seen them too...
they promptly sold out of the twin size.
Lucky for me
because I went to the shopping vortex
 I call Target
(otherwise known to my husband
as the place to go in to pick up toothpaste
 and spend $100 every single flipping time. HA!)
<<insert the sound of angels singing>>

Room Essentials Striped Duvet Cover Set.Opens in a new window
Duvet + Sham for $19.99 = SCORE!

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