Tuesday, July 17, 2012

picture project

I saw a tutorial on LGN about blowing up pictures to huge sizes for cheap. I bookmarked it and waited.

 It was on our yearly goal list to have family pictures made (yep, that's how we roll, we make a list during the holiday season of goals we want to achieve as a family for the coming year. Hello! We're nerds. What can I say?)  The only picture of all five of us from last year was one they took at the zoo (you know, where you get cornered as you go in by some kid with a camera and they charge you $20 per photo? I know I sound bitter. HA! Let me move on...)  So we finally had our family pics made in May and they turned out FANTASTIC.
My DH doesn't want me to post pics of the kids on the www so this little sneak peak will have to suffice.

I followed the tutorial only to realize that I'd skimmed over one important point about taking it to Kinko's to get it blown up on their blueprint copier...the $5 print is black and white only. But I was there so I had it done in B/W thinking that if I ever tire of it I'll either go back and get a color one made (for this size, 30 x 40, the color copy would cost around $48).
For now I'm loving it.

Especially because of the pop of my favorite apple green color on the side of the foam board.  

About the foam her tutorial she said she used double thick foam board. I was at aaron bros and mistakenly bought a tri fold foam board that was the exact size I needed only but was a tri fold poster stand thingy nonetheless. I just cut off the two fold out sides and was left with my 30 x 40 single thick foam board. Live and learn people. Read the label. But in the end using my aaron bros. savings card I ended up getting the foam board basically for FREE. Score.

I did use the same command picture hanging strips Jenny used. But best of all I got mine on clearance for 50% off at my grocery store. Score.

All told I spent around $7 for this project. Sweet!

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