Monday, July 16, 2012

proud as a peacock

Thanks for your patience as I continue to obsess over my beloved peacock mirror.

I was so excited a few weeks ago
I love a deal and Reichel gives such great high vs. low alternatives.
Just as I love getting my daily emails from Copy Cat Chic
I love when my Pottery Barn catalog arrives in the mail.
I flip through it repeatedly for ideas and inspiration.

I think I shouted "SHUT UP" when I saw a certain item today
as I was just digging into my newly delivered PB catalog...
my boys told me I said a bad word (we're not allowed to say "shut up" in our house)...
much better than what I could have said.
I was taken aback though...behold

Peacock Mirror

Its very similar to Wisteria's version AND to their pricepoint...
you can have PB's for $1399 plus shipping.
Thanks but no thanks.
I'll keep my Z Gallerie version and my extra $1000+
Costs a lot to raise three littles.

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