Monday, July 9, 2012

sneak peek

I finally felt better enough to help my DH move the "new to me" thrift store score into the house. My plan was to repaint it in the garage but every time I looked outside some new piece of sporting equipment or toy was laying on it and I didn't want it to get more dinged up. I say more because you should have seen my sisters and I get that bad boy back to my parents house. We crammed it into the trunk of a honda accord and tied it down with some string and a piece of fabric that flew out of the car early on in our return trip. We had to pull over three times to resecure the trunk but at least we were laughing the whole time. Note to self...put some packing tape and old towels in the car before your next thrift store run. You never know what you'll find and want to bring home.

Now I still have to move some stuff and style it better but here's a sneak peek of what it looks like in the entry way under the new peacock mirror...

The dresser is a little shorter than I'd like and I like the height of the mirror where it is so I plan to move some of my double happiness collection over from the buffet to the dresser to divert the eye between the dresser and mirror. That or maybe some framed Audubon's I have...will have to test those out.
In any event this little treasure is staying where it is...

I found this egg at a local thrift shop for a dollar a few years ago. It brings back a lot of grandmother had a few of these decorated eggs in her living room. How awesome is it that this one has a peacock on it? I didn't make the connection til later but you dad is from a teeny tiny small town called Pavo. Pavo is Latin for peacock. Kismet.

Still to do...find a seagrass rug for the entry...thinking something big to cover the whole area, style the dresser, and decide what color to paint the dresser...any suggestions?

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