Tuesday, August 21, 2012

for Laura

my peep Laura has a space in her kitchen that bugs her...

Here are some things I think she could do to "clean" it up...

My first thought was to frame a favorite
quote and lean in up in front of a couple of the outlets.
I did this in my kitchen with print from JDC

Here's a quote Laura said she liked
Pinned Image

If not that then how about a magnetic board?
this blogger {tatertots and jello}organized
her message center and made her own...

she used a dollar frame and some sheet metal
covered in a favorite fabric
to make one that covers cords and other "ugly"


plus she used one of these file holders and
3m command strips to make a place
for the kids' school paperwork
clear folder

here's her "after"

all pics via
click here to see how she did it

Seems like she updated that area even more!


Love the tray and the pop of color.
For her updated tutorial on decluttering junk drawers click here.

Another great little idea would be to get a charging
station for cell phones

OR maybe Laura could make her own like this blogger

Like the picture says she used a lotion bottle!
Brilliant recycling!
Click here to see her tutorial.

If you have any more ideas make sure to leave a comment.

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