Tuesday, August 21, 2012

hiding things...

is next on my list.

We have one long wall as you enter our home...

Its always puzzled me as to what to do.
Its got a lot of things going on as you can see...
the air return, the thermostat, and the doorbell.

Besides those things there are couple of other issues to consider...
a) my DH hates putting nails in the wall
(is there a name for that particular brand of quirkiness?)
b) you need air flow around the thermostat
to keep your a/c working properly.

So what's a girl to do? 
Go where I always go for inspiration....pinterest of course
(aka where four hours go by before you know it)

This blogger used a canvas to cover her alarm pad...
Pinned Image

this was my original plan for the thermostat
let me say it again
please note that this is not recommended for a thermostat cover
since the thermostat needs to be able to read the surrounding
air temps...who knew?

maybe PB frame would work instead
Pinned Image

but I'm leaning towards this

around the thermostat and doorbell chime box
then hang a bunch of other framed photos
for a gallery wall effect.

I'll probably just paint the air return the same
color as the wall so that it blends in better.

Thinking these things will solve the long wall problem.
In case you have other things protruding from
your walls you might consider this idea...

This blogger covered up her garage door opener
using a dollar frame...

Now go forth and cover!

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