Monday, August 13, 2012

naked update

Last week I posted about Naked's Green Machine smoothie...


I got so excited because it turned out to taste so
DELICIOUS that I ran to Whole Foods
to buy some wheatgrass powder to try.
I met two kind ladies on the wheatgrass aisle that schooled me in wheatgrass...
make sure its made from the leaf not the juice and they didn't recommend the tablets.
So I bought the powder version and went home.

Later that day I read the directions and mixed about a tablespoon in a glass of water.
It was NOT appealing.
So I stared at the glass. For a long time.
One of my twins walked in the kitchen and asked what I was doing.
I told him I was trying to get the courage to drink it.
Without missing a beat he goes "I'll give you a quarter if you drink it."
He's a mini-me. What can I say? When you hit a wall offer a bribe.
I gulped it down.
It sucked.
Like drinking a glass of dirty pebble-ly water.
That was green.

The things we do to stay healthy after 40.
I keep reminding me of this lady and so I continue to drink it.
I'm just hoping its doing something magical on my insides :)

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  1. This made me laugh so much! I will have to try this ... I could use all the help I can get. Not sure my kids are generous enough to spare a whole silver coin though.


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