Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Who thought this post was going a different way?
Get your mind out of the gutters people (at least my peeps' minds are there.
No names mentioned but you know who you are. HA!)

I'm on a kick to get healthier...back in bootcamp after a little hiatus (although I never stopped exercising...remember the triathlon I trained for and FINISHED?)

I exercise alot but after 40, let's face it. It ain't pretty what your body sags, falls, whatever, you know it does stuff beyond your control even though you fight it tooth and nail.

So today I read one of my favorite inspiring blogs and she mentioned wheatgrass...


SO I'm at the grocery store in the vegetable section (shocker I know who just made fresh green beans recently after only ever buying them in a can, HA!) and I see this

I buy it thinking I'll just hold my nose and go for it.

Surprise! It was GOOD! Plus it has goodies like broccoli, wheatgrass, blue green algae, fruits, garlic, spinach. There is sugar in it but fruit sugars and no extra sugar added (but still alot of sugar IMHO).
It was so tasty that I'm anxiously awaiting drinking more tomorrow right after bootcamp. Now if only I could push myself away from the afternoon chocolate...maybe then I'll see a real dip in the old scale. (Not likely people but I'll give it a whirl)...stay tuned.

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  1. Will post an update soon...I bought the wheatgrass powder from whole foods. Stay tuned...


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