Wednesday, August 15, 2012

overstock part 2

You might remember that I'm trying to
solve my shoe storage dilemma...

How attractive is this? I know.

I've since bought an over the door shoe organizer
for one of the downstairs closets.
I've also moved the copper shoe bin into the same closet.

I put a chair in the empty space where the shoes used to go.
Its not permanent but it will do for now.

Problem is that "out of sight = out of mind" for the men in my life.
Now they just take off their shoes and leave them everywhere.

Recently I saw some cane drawer storage bins on One Kings Lane.
I was thinking about putting it where you see the chair above.
I never pulled the trigger to buy them...
I just don't dig buying anything marked "final sale."

So what's a girl to do?

Well, yesterday I reminded you of some
major scores I found at is one of the first online places I hit when looking for cheap
affordable versions of home decor items
that I've seen elsewhere and want to save money on.
So last week I'm looking on overstock for something for a friend.
Look what I found

The same thing I'd seen on OKL...
but OKL also had a four drawer version.
I searched high and low...couldn't find the 4 drawer version.
Then today low and behold

York 4-drawer White Storage Cabinet

There may be just one tiny problem with this may be too wide.
 I'm going to measure and see.
Stay tuned.

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