Thursday, August 2, 2012

shoe dilemma

Little bit of trivia about me...back in the day I was a chemist. Not many people that know me now know that about me since I've been a SAHM since the twins were born. One of the little habits I picked up from my lab rat days was never wearing shoes inside my house...think about it...where you walk to and from (and through) all day long, what you step in or me people, you want to leave that "stuff" outside. No need to go into amongst yourselves.

 Back when I started my DIY-ing projects I made this sign to remind the kiddos

It worked. The boys are "trained" to take off their shoes upon entering a house. Some of my friends think its weird but I think its cute. As the boys and their little feet grew so did our little "leave your shoes here" area. Our little copper shoe bin full of cute little shoes expanded...upwards...into stackable bins from the container store. Now that area bothers me. A-L-O-T. Especially since I've made headway in my entry, what with my peacock mirror and my thrifted campaign dresser (still to be painted but I have an exciting idea about that, click here for a hint) so I'm considering options for ways to improve the aesthetics of our shoe collection.

I've blogged about this overstock find before...

Fir Wood Storage Cubby
But its now out of stock. Just as well...I'd prefer not to see all the shoes. So maybe this one...

Shutter Shoe Storage

 It holds 16 pairs behind its doors...

I like this one too but I think maybe its too modern

or maybe this one from IKEA
HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments IKEA
The bad thing is that you have attach it to the wall...but you know how DH feels about putting holes (even tiny nail holes) in the wall. So now I'm thinking of moving the shoe area into the closet under our stairs to get it totally out of the entry. Thoughts????

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