Saturday, August 18, 2012

swamp people

This summer we spent one of THE best weeks ever
with our friends Jeff and Tracy in South Carolina.

The boys learned how to fish...
here they are with my DH and our friend Jeff.

This is one of the many waterways in Palmetto Bluff
and if you look close in this picture
to the left of center you'll see a little blob...
Any guesses as to what that might be?

Let me give you a hint... 
I stayed on the bridge but still screamed like a little girl
when this guy snapped at my fishing line.
Mature. I know.
Bored with the likes of wimpy me he decided
to go see what was up elsewhere...

The only thing that made me nervous was that they would get
hooked on a line and pull somebody in the water.
I think I watch too much "Swamp People" on tv.
I think he was eyeing a four year old tasty treat...

but then he spotted bigger fish in the pond coming his way...
These stupid crazy people tried to chase the gator down.
We all loved seeing the gators but I don't totally trust them OR
my four year old. He's a fearless daredevil.
We ended up moving to a different lake
where one of the twins caught this guy...his first fish!
For the record we threw him back.

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