Friday, August 10, 2012

to do a re-do or not

That is the question...

When I recovered the chairs in our breakfast area I debated about
what would be THE most indestructible thing to put on them
 to protect them from three little mess making boys.

I've done it all...slipcovers (though not as long as these)

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I got tired of putting them back in place because they were always flip-flopping around.
I recovered them a few times.
I thought about oilcloth fabric but in the end went with sunbrella fabric.
That's where it stands now.

Recently I saw this blog post where she used this to
laminate her fabric before reupholstering chairs.
Going to have put that one on the list if I ever do it again
(and you KNOW that is a definite).
My friend Susan is getting new chair pads for her updated family room.
Here are some pics I found while looking for ideas for her...

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Pinned Image

Kind of made me think about updating our breakfast area
which currently looks like this...

 but that would lead to a re-do of the living area since its one big space...
 What to do? I wanna re-do...

I think a farmhouse table might be in our future
so many of my bookmarks have them
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I saw one very similar at a local thrift shop...
it was longer than the one above and a third of the cost of one from RH
Could that be a sign?

One of these days I'm going to do a built in bench...
Pinned Image

{Susan...don't those pillows above look similar to your new ones?? how funny is that?}

back to dreaming...
maybe I could use a sofa for more seating...
Pinned Image

or how about some upholstered arm chairs
not to mention the imperial trellis drapes that make my heart pitter patter
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this girl did a mix...slipcovers, long and short, and an upholstered settee
(you know I'm head over heels for the chevron she used)...
Pinned Image

Thanks for letting a girl DH is not on board with re-doing anything.

His response when I bring it up is always "didn't we just finish that room?"

He's right you know. We just finished the family room/breakfast area last year.

Until then I'll keep saving pics and just dream...

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