Tuesday, September 18, 2012

another one bites the dust...

for DH's office in June.
 I felt like they were too feminine.
I'd made them to go in our master bedroom but once I got
chiang mai on the brain
these Waverly Olana bird pillows
moved in here to roost.


I love geometrics and
once I saw this fabric in Southern Living
{albeit a different color way}
it got me to thinking about this alternative...

so I bought the fabric in July...

and it sat on my dining room table for months.
I finally finished them...

That's how my house rolls.

Slow but steady.

Like a turtle. HA!

{Sometimes the turtle wins the race though.}

I got together with two of my running peeps Erin and Susan...
Erin used her awesome OLFA cutting mat and rotary tool
to cut THE most perfect cuts for an envelope pillow.

I was able to sew them up easy peasy in about 20 minutes.
The magic is in the cutting.
I need that a cutting mat.
 Just saw one on
Hello lover.
You soon shall be mine.

Plus this OLFA rotary cutting tool too.
'cause you KNOW
I'm going to make more pillows sooner or later.
That's what fabric addicts do.


  1. Love the pillows!! Wish I was that creative. :)

  2. Love the pillows!! Wish I was that creative. :)


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