Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I-[kea] want...

I've only been to IKEA once...

I tried to go when I was pregnant with twins
but the place had just opened here
and the line was crAzy to get in.
I just knew if we parked and hiked the long trek in
then I would go into labor.
Who am I kidding?
They'd have turned me away at the door I was so big.
No joke.
Here's my current list of wants...
IKEA PS Cabinet IKEA Cord outlet underneath.  Keeps all cords in one place. Lockable doors for keeping your possessions safe.
thinking about putting it between the twins' beds.
It even locks on both sides.
What a treasure chest it could be!
Finally a place for them to keep their four year old brother out of!

For $99 you can get a couple and use them as a console...
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I was dreaming about apothecary reading light
sconces for the twins room
BUT decided to go with
 LED clip lights because they don't get hot
 like regular lamps that when touched burn little fingers
{ask me how I know this....let's just say been there, done that} 

Of course as soon as I bought some
and the return date expired
I saw these
JANSJÖ LED clamp spotlight IKEA Uses LEDs, which consumes up to 80% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
They come in various colors but I'd love them in red.
Anybody need some in a nickel finish? 

These place mats are always sold out
at World Market when I go to buy them
They're cheaper at IKEA too!
You can't beat the $4 price tag.
SOARÉ Place mat IKEA Handmade; each piece is unique.
water hyacinth place mats

Since my green thumb does not extend to orchids
maybe I'll get a couple of these
FEJKA Artificial potted plant IKEA Lifelike artificial plant that remains looking fresh year after year.

and I'm digging this bowl to hold
fresh fruit in the kitchen
{and no, I don't just want it because its green}
IKEA PS 2012 Bowl IKEA
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