Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's raining...

Its pouring....

but its also Saturday and this time of year 
that means long runs...not just the 3 or 4 miles we do during
the long hot summers here. Now we're ramping up 
for 10 miles races and half marathons on our group's agenda.
So even if its raining we run...

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We definitely get some weird stares on days like this
especially when leave puddles on the floor as we get our
Starbucks coffee reward at the end of our long runs.
I think we're nuts to run in the conditions we do sometimes.
But we're a dedicated bunch.

I've always said we may not be fast but we're fun.
We wear fun t-shirts similar to this
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speaking of funny...this is so me
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I started running over a decade ago to lose weight...
the weight I'd gained during a bad relationship.
I was sixty plus pounds heavier than I am now.
I amongst yourselves.
I thought I was a runner then but I
only ran a couple of miles each time
and not regularly at that.

I moved to Texas and continued to exercise...
running and pilates mostly.
Then I had kids and no time.
So I found an early morning bootcamp.
Getting up at 430am early.
Hard to do when you're barely getting a few
consecutive hours of sleep each night with babies.
But the girls I met in bootcamp are worth
every missed moment of sleep.

We cheer each other and support each other
and we check on each other like when
one of us writes a weird blog post
{I'm ok by the way, just having "a moment"}

You know you're friends with somebody
when they register for a race
one you're not even doing
and you train with them anyway
building up your mileage way before you have to.
Now that's a friend.
And that's how we roll.

We push each other to do better, to be better,
and sometimes just to finish...
 to believe in ourselves
when we don't feel like we have it in us
to take another step.

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That's what my running peeps do for me...lift me higher.
{I wouldn't be running half-marathons without them
nor would I want to, that's for sure}

They started as exercise they're friends.
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I know I can count on them for more than just running.
But run we must and run we will...even in the rain.

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to all my running partners aka friends...i love you my peeps.

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