Friday, September 28, 2012

our family rules

Remember when I posted this DIY blogger tutorial
on DIY subway art?
Well I decided to use the same premise to do a
 DIY family rules sign.
Here it is...

I've seen alot of family rules art...

this one was the first one that caught my eye...
Pinned Image

I was on board with this at first
but honestly I've done the whole wall decal thing 
and I think we all know that  
I'm a girl who does re-do's too often
 to put another decal on my wall.

So I looked at my favorite time waster inspiration website
and found lots of family rules signs...
I took my favorite "rules" and added some of my own.

I played around with fonts and sizes in Word
then copy and pasted it into Publisher.
Using the ratio I found on thoughtful place's tutorial
I came up with what I thought looked good size wise.

But as with all DIY projects stuff happens...
the tutorial above used a 24 x 48 canvas
which I couldn't find at the store.
Three stores to be exact.

In the end I ended up buying a black 24 x 36 canvas...
I know right?
Who knew you could buy a black canvas?
This was an awesome find because it saved me
 the extra step of painting
the edges of the canvas
 (note this was my preference, not called for in the original tutorial).
Plus I got it for 60% off. SCORE!

I ran back home to play with the ratios on Publisher
before heading to Kinko's FedEx to print my poster.

Again when doing DIY expect the unexpected...
I went to Office Max first to have the copy made...
most copy places have blueprint copiers
that print huge copies for $5.
{Note these copies are only in black and white...color is alot more.}
When the employee saw that it wasn't a blueprint
she refused to make the copy for me.
At least at the low price of $5...I balked and walked.

I ended up at Kinko's where a very lovely employee
helped me make the most beautiful copy...
{I should've gone there first since they helped me before}
she had to play around with it on her computer
so that it came out just right
{thankfully she loved her some DIY too!}
She even used a better copier since the blueprint copier
seemed to need more toner...
it came out all splotchy at first...we both looked at each other
with that "this isn't gonna work" look and went to plan B
with a better copier and slightly heavier paper {still for $5}
Moral of the story here: It pays to be nice to people.
Especially when they're helping you DIY! HA!

Here's the copy we made...
See my $2 flip flops in the pic?
I only wear them now when I swim so
that my crocs don't get messed up.
keepin' it real people. keepin' it real.

So once I had the canvas and the copy
I busted out with the jar of modge podge
something I'd never worked with before.
8-ounce Matte Mod Podge

By the time I got my act together to do this part
it was time to go pick up the kids from school.
Instead of waiting and taking my time
I chose to bust it out and get it done.
Lesson learned - patience is key with modge podge.
It ended up bubbling.
While most of them went away
{just like thoughtful place said it would}
there were a couple of bubbles that stayed.
My fault I'm sure or maybe the slightly heavier paper?
Normally I would rush to re-do this project
thinking I could do it better
{like enlarge the font size for my failing eyes
and take my time with the modge podge
 to eliminate all the bubbles}
but in the end I'm going to try to embrace it bubbles and all
because like our family its not perfect. Ha!

I've been moving it around the house...
the kids didn't notice it here
so then I moved it to this wall

I think it will stay here for a while...
the boys noticed immediately
and occasionally pause and read it out loud.
Hopefully it'll all sink in :)


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  1. This looks fantastic! So proud of you. I really love how it came together. Enjoy your weekend!


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