Tuesday, October 23, 2012

master bedroom updates

Things are not static in this house...
they're always moving around.
Case in point -
the sitting area in our bedroom.
Our bedroom is huge...
everything is big in Texas right?
This is how it looked four years ago...

A little yellow right?
The sitting area was empty for probably
two years after we moved in except for
one of my beloved paintings...

Well, it had a crib in it for a while
in the space above
so it technically wasn't empty.

 This was just after our bathroom re-do nightmare
and before we re-painted...

We painted it this neutral {SW Universal Khaki}...
against the suggestion of my friend Holly
who urged us to go with a blue.
I was scared.
Still kicking myself over that one.

After Zb moved out to his own room
we moved in two Pottery Barn "Savannah" chairs
and one of our Ethan Allen pineapple accent tables
{a wedding gift from my in-laws}.

Any guesses why I loved these chairs?
{It wasn't just the name but also the box pleat slipcovers.}
The drapes are also PB...the color is "smokey blue."
Not my first choice but I needed something
to darken the room
and so I went with them
{part of my "living outside my comfort zone" project
that went into full force after I chickened out
on using the blue paint color on the walls}.

The monogram on the wall is a DIY...
I'd given a huge monogram stencil as a wedding gift
and gotten a smaller one for free.
Is it wrong that I kept the smaller one for myself?
I painted a leftover canvas the same color as the wall
and stuck it on. Realizing too late I should've made it pop
with a different color or SOMETHING -
I grabbed a frame from a poster that sat in a closet and
threw it up to see if I liked it.
Now there was a little problem in my "throwing it up"
on the wall...I used a 3M command hook.
And maybe it wasn't the kind you hang a picture with.
Any guesses as to what happened?

 Uh. Yeah.
It fell down.
But it was up there for a long time.
I still have to patch the hole it left.
Look at that crater that the strip took with it. Oy.

We ended up moving a demilune table to fill that space
since we bought the thrift campaign dresser for the entry.
Those "flowers" above are a buy from OKL.
Very disappointed in that purchase but
that's a different post.
After the frame fell I just sat it on top of the table.
I ended up liking the way it looked so
I just hung the monogram lower
and the big frame now rests on the table.

Lesson learned...use the right tools for the job.

I can't believe I showed those horrible before pics...
I'll show the other side later this'll die!

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